The "war game" scenario for Green Flag 08-01 involves 3 fictitional countries based on real world examples. Blue Air & Ground forces are stationed in the pro democracy state on Kurekstan. This friandly country is where our opertions will be based from. Bordering Kurekstan are Syrdonia & Iriand. Both of these countries are known to sponser terrorisim and communist style political factions worldwide. Syrdonia split from the parent country of Kurekstan in the 1970's in a bloody but short revolution for independance. Tensions between Syrdonia & Kurekstan have been strained at best ever since. Iriand has acted as a "behind-the-scenes" patron state of Syrdonia since it's declaration of independance.

Tensions have recently reached the boiling point and Allied forces stationed in and around Kurekstan have been put on high alert. Intel reports indicate that open hostilities are only a matter of time and probably days or hours from initiation.

   For detailed intelligence briefs on Syrdonia & Iriand, please see the links on this page. An understanding of the background and history of these countries will help in understanding the emerging conflict we will be involved in during Green Flag 08-01.