Welcome to Gunsmoke V!

    Gunsmoke is the Air Force's air-to-surface gunnery meet for conventional weapons. It began in 1949 and is usually held every two years. No competitions were conducted during 1951-1953 and 1964-1980. Bomber crews participated for the first time in 1993.

    The 56th VFW Gunsmoke follows the real life USAF competiton as closely as possible. Our Gunsmoke is strictly an air to ground exercise. More than that it's an "old school" air to ground exercise, with emphasis placed heavily on acurracy in "dumb" bombing, unguided rocket delivery, and strafing with the gun, in multiple demanding strike profiles.

    Gunsmoke V is hosted in the Classic Nevada theater of operations. We'll be flying and competing out of Nellis AFB. This inbriefing will cover some important things you'll need to know to fly in the competition.

    The competiton will be flown using the 56th Custom Falcon 4.0, OF 4.5 install.

    Gunsmoke is flown by 2 man teams individually. That is to say you don't have to hook up with another team to fly any of the scheduled events. You just download the missions and fly them as a team at your convienience. This means that each team is also responsible for keeping track of thier own progress and reporting it for recording on the Gunsmoke site. It's prefered that you have at least one observer pilot go along with you if ones available at the time and date you'll be flying. This isn't a hard and fast requirement, but works out for the best for multiple reasons. We'll have a couple of observer pilots available at competiton start, and as teams complete a profile they can be observers for other teams for that profile. The observers are there to arbitrate and rule on any wacky issues or situations that may come up during the flight, and to act as spotters and a second pair of eyeballs. Sign up your team at the 56th Message Board or if you prefer send an e-mail to Thumpper at freycat@yahoo.com

    We'll be operating on the Honor system here. Each team should take screenshots of the debrief screen after exiting the mission. Make sure you expand the applicable drop down menus at the debrief screen to show exact details of your drops and gun firing results. It is also required that an ACMI of the actual attack runs be taken by at least one team member. Any observers should also document the results in the same way. All documentation of mission results should be sent to Thumpper for upload to the Gunsmoke site at freycat@yahoo.com.

    Each competition profile will have 2 combat loaded aircraft for the team to fly. The correct munitions will already be loaded. Please DO NOT change the loadout in any way with the exception of adding/removing a centerline tank. Centerline tanks may be used/removed if desired in all three profiles. There will be 1 four ship flight for each mission profile, with two of the aircraft reserved as a 2 ship "Observer" flight. These "observer" flights can also be used in case you want to let a couple of friends tag along. If occupied by human pilots the observer aircraft should have their loadouts altered by removing all bombs at a minimum. If you have no observers along you must send the AI wingmen home after takeoff. Whoever is hosting should be in the lead aircraft of the lead element. For example if an observer is hosting they should be in the lead aircraft, the team should be together in the 3 & 4 aircraft, and once in the pit the observer should let the team members taxi out and take the runway first.

    There will be 3 different missions or "Hops" flown for Gunsmoke V. Timed Run, Time Limited Run & the Kill Box Hop respectively.

The Timed & Time Limited runs will be available for download as of 18 October 2008, on their respective description pages. You can get to these by navigating from the main Missions page. Feel free to download and practice these as much as you like prior to the competitions start. After Friday 31 October at 11:59 PM PST, you may fly each mission for practice as much as you like....however as a team you must decide before each flight if it will be for practice or the real thing. You may not take scores from a previously flown practice mission or call a final competiton run a practice run after the fact because you feel you did badly. After the practice hops (if you take them) any flights you call as final competiton runs will count as the official Gunsmoke run and be scored.

The Kill Box Hop will only be put up for download after the competitions start. It is only to be flown once, sight unseen and that flight will be scored as the official Gunsmoke hop. A Top gun and Top Team will be named for each of the three profiles to be flown and after all results for each profile are tallied 100 points will be awarded for each Top Gun & 200 points for each Top Team. These points count toward both final team & individual totals. At competition completion the results will be tallied for award of overall Gunsmoke Top Gun & Top Team. Full mission descriptions and parameters can be found on the Mission page.

    It's critical that all competition requirements and mission parameters are closely understood and followed. For example....for the Time Limited mission run, there are multiple munitions and delivery methods required for each specific target steerpoint. If stpt 7 requires that you drop Mk-82's starting from angels 10 in the manual bombing mode then that is what you must do. Remember we're operating on the honor system and there are other teams doing the same. So follow the mission requirements with integrity.

    A Top Gun and Top Team will be named based on top scores after the competitions end.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting to all Gunsmoke V pilots, and I'll see you in the air!