Timed & Time limited Mission Files Available For Download 18 October 2008    

NOTE: The link for the Kill Box profile will be uploaded by 11:59 PM PST Friday 14 Nov 2008. Remember you can only fly the Timed & Time Limited missions once for practice after the competiton start, and there are no practice runs allowed for the Kill Box Hop at all. You can visit the Archive link to check out how past competitors have done, as the missions are very similar.

   There are 3 main events for the 56th Gunsmoke V Competition. One is a timed run consisting of 8 target steerpoints. The first target steerpoint is a syncronized attack between both team members. The idea is to get around the course as quickly as possible while hitting as many of the pre-planed targets as possible.

   The second event is not timed for speed, but does have a time limit. This event also features multiple weapon types and employment parameters for each target steerpiont as you run through.

    The third event is a search for multiple targets inside a 100 X 100 mi square Kill Box. There will be no steering cues loaded into the aircraft NAV computer to guide you to any targets. The idea is to study the briefing map and come up with a plan to find and hit as many different targets as possible within a given time limit. You MAY NOT set ppt waypoints or adjust or add any steerpoints! No Nav computer/DTC programming is allowed. This mission will test your skill and ability to find targets with only AWACS/JSTARS assistance and of course your own navigation and A-G radar prowess.

    The timed and Time Limited missions may be flown for practice as much as desired prior to the start of the competition. After Friday 09 November at 12:00 AM PST, you may fly each mission for practice as much as you like....however as a team you must decide before each flight if it will be for practice or the real thing. You may not take scores from a previously flown practice mission or call a final competiton run a practice run after the fact because you feel you did badly. After the practice hops (if you take them) any flights you call as final competiton runs will count as the official Gunsmoke run and be scored. The only exception is failure to complete the missions due to CTD's ect. The Kill box mission can only be flown once and will not be available for practice prior to the competition.

The missions for Gunsmoke V 08-01 (with the exception of the Kill Box run) are available for download from the specific mission description areas of the Gunsmoke site at least 10 days prior to the competition start. The TE's for both the Timed and Time Limited runs are available as seperate downloads in zip format.

The Kill Box mission for 08-01 will be uploaded and available at competition start. The Host should load up the event a team wishes to fly first. You can download each version of the Timed and Timed Limited mission any time prior to the competition, or after, using the links on the Mission Profile/Description pages. Feel free to use these to practice up for the competition, but remember only one practice flight in these missions is allowed after the competiton start. You can download the Kill Box Mission here or from the Kill Box Hop mission profile page after the competitons start.

Viper Kill Box Mission

There will be 1 four ship flight for each mission profile, with two of the aircraft reserved as a 2 ship "Observer" flight. These "observer" flights can also be used in case you want to let a couple of friends tag along. If occupied by human pilots the observer aircraft should have their loadouts altered by removing all bombs at a minimum. If you have no observers along you must send the AI wingmen home after takeoff. Whoever is hosting should be in the lead aircraft of the lead element. For example if an observer is hosting they should be in the lead aircraft, the team should be together in the 3 & 4 aircraft, and once in the pit the observer should let the team members taxi out and take the runway first. Just unzip the .tac files in your Falcon/Nevada-classic/Campaign folder, then start Falcon, make sure your theater is set to Nevada Classic, and look under the Tactical Engagements "Saved" tab to select and fly them.

Visit the Timed Run, Time Limited Run, & Kill Box links for a full break down of mission details, and downloads for the missions.