Professionalisim is a must. All teams keep track of both team and individual points throughout the competiton. You can meet in the Pilots Lounge chat to set up engagements.

For all Gunsmoke profiles you must return to home plate to complete the profile. No loadout changes are permitted on any profile with the exception of the CAP'D Run, and addition/removal of a 300 gal centerline tank for all profiles. Check each profile description accessible from the missions section of this site for more details specific to each profile.

For those pilots performing the observer role for another team:

- DO NOT fly as an observer in any of the Kill Box missions unless you have flown them already, or are not going to fly in the competiton yourself.

- DO consider allowing a re-accomplishment of a profile if any extenuating circumstances are involved. For example; Flame out on take off, CTD's, any other seriously wacky issues like running into buildings when the pilot was obviously well above the structure. Check ACMI's to rule on issues like this.

- DO NOT allow profile re-accomplishment if; team mates run into each other or the ground ect, pilots FRAG themselves with their own or their team mates munitions, ect. ect. basically anything pilot error.

All Gunsmoke contestants must comply with 56th patch and config editor options requirements. All pilots must comply with 56th VFW 3rd party add on policy. Basically pits are ok as well as theaters ect. Absolutely no other 3rd party mods out of the norm/not already approved for 56th VFW MP use. If you have any questions about this please ask!

All pilots should be familiar with 56th connection procedures. If you are from another Wing or SQ and have procedures that work for you and your wingman then feel free...please be ready to brief these as your observer may or may not be familiar with them. At a minimum all pilots will shut down all firewalls, antivirus, SPAM, messenger services, and any program that uses automatic updates (at least dis-able these temporarily). Any program that may try to establish a connection with the internet should be shut down, or internet connection options turned off. If any issues come up due to non-compliance with these procedures, the observer pilot is not obligated to allow any re-accomplishment of any affected profiles.

While not expected, disagreements may arise. Please bring these to the attention of either Thumpper, or any other command staff level (SQ CO/XO) competitor or dedicated observer.