During this competition professionalisim and uncompromising integrity is a must. Feel free to meet in the Pilots Lounge chat, or 56th Team Speak to set up engagements. For William Tell 06-01 all flights MUST have an observer along to record times/kills ect. As of now Thumpper & Bearforce will be initial observers. After you have flown a profile you can be an observer for another team needing to fly the same profile as long as that team agrees. Anyone willing to help out other teams as an observer is highly encouraged to do so. If we help each other out the competiton will flow much more smoothly and we won't have teams waiting for extended periods of time to fly. Observers are responsible for monitoring and ensuring that profiles are flown as fragged and that times, kills and errors are reported correctly. As an observer on most profiles flown you may find having a stop watch or 2 capable of recording multiple times usful. Regardless, ACMI's should be taken by at least one pilot in the flight. ACMI's along with mission debrief details will be used to establish scores/times. You'll need to take screen shots of the mission debrief showing your performance details including expanded mission details. All teams will need to keep track, as much as possible, of both team and individual points throughout the competiton. Just make sure you get with your observer for a full debrief and scores at the end of your flight. Points and keeping track how you did in a particular mission, is ultimately your responsibility.

    There will be an over all team award, and also a William Tell Top Gun, for the pilots/pilot with the overall best score. I'm also going to keep track of the winners of each profile. Take a look at the scoring parameters for each profile and decide on a way that's best for you to get your recorded scores to Thumpper. Recording both Team and individual scores by annotating them in word, excel, pdf or powerpoint ect, are all acceptable. I'll also have standard score reporting sheets available before competition start if you'd like to use those. ACMI & Screen shots should be included with the recorded scores, and everything is then e-mailed to Thumpper at freycat@yahoo.com

    Engagements will be run using the standard 56th VFW OF 4.5 install. This version of F4 can be downloaded as an entire install folder via the 56th FTP server.

Each profile has a TE that will be made available after competition start. These ARE NOT to be flown at anytime prior to competiton start, and then only with a qualified observer. No practice runs in these TE's are allowed. They are to be flown sight unseen. However, study of the Profile descriptions should be more than sufficient for each team to be able to set up their own practice TE's well in advance of competition start. The actual William Tell TE's will not be available until after the competition has officially started.

All profiles will be flown using: full realistic settings; No Labels; NO padlocking; NO alterations or modifications of any kind to any aspect of the 56th VFW OF 4.5 custom install, besides those allowed in the BMS Config Editor/F4 Patch. Config Editor/F4 Patch settings must be compatible with all other participants and will be gone over and synched up prior to flying William Tell profiles.

Comms will be provided via the 56th VFW Team Speak server and IVC. A section on TS for William Tell will be available for all contestants. 56th TS connection info will be passed out on request via e-mail. Send request to Thumpper at freycat@yahoo.com

    Scoring conventions for William Tell can be found on each Profiles individual page. You can get to these by going to the Profiles page from the main William Tell start page.

After the competition is under way, please keep all profile details and your tactics to yourself after you've flown them. Don't tell any specifics about any profile, to any of the other teams that havn't flown it yet. This is to keep it fair for everyone. Also DO NOT hang out on the same comms channel as teams flying profiles you have not flown yet. If you've already completed a profile that's being flown by another team and want to listen in that's fine....just ask the team that's flying if it's ok first please, and don't ruin anything for the other team.